ATSCoAssociation of Technology Staffing Companies (UK)
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We continue the process of incorporating the ATSCO suite of products into Hy-Tech's Cranberry, PA manufacturing facility; however, it is difficult to predict exactly when the entire suite will be produced.
Hy-Tech manufactures and markets its own value-added line of air tools and parts, including the ATSCO products, as well as distributes a complementary line of sockets, in the aggregate, ("ATP").
According to Grant Greenspan and Michael Heaner of the Kaufman Organization, who represented the landlord in the transaction, Atsco signed a seven-year lease at the building.
Alan Coleman, CEO of Atsco, believes that more footwear tenants are coming to the area very soon.
Hy-Tech manufactures and markets its own value-added line of air tools and parts, which now includes the ATSCO brand, as well as distributes a high quality line of complementary sockets, which, in the aggregate make up the "ATP" category.
A primary factor contributing to the increase in ATP product line revenue was revenue generated by the sales of the ATSCO product line, which was acquired in the third quarter of 2014.
Our involvement in ATSCo enables us to share our experiences and best practices, such as the pricing discipline we have successfully implemented.
Fourth quarter of 2014 ATP revenue improved over the same period in 2013 due primarily to the ATSCO acquisition.
Raising standards and actively supporting ATSCo, so that clients, contractors, candidates and recruiters have confidence in their selection of an ATSCo member is important to us.
The third quarter of 2014 ATP revenue, which includes shipments of ATSCO tools since the August 13, 2014 acquisition, improved slightly when compared to the third quarter of 2013.
I look forward to sharing my experiences with the members of ATSCo.