ATSEAustralian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
ATSEAir Travel Shopping Engine (Sabre Travel Network)
ATSEApplication Timesharing Software Engineering
ATSEArmy Training Support Center (US Army)
ATSEArmy Test Program Set Support Environment
ATSEArmy Topographic Support Establishment (Australia)
ATSEArunachal Talent Search Examination (Arunachal, India)
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With the maturation of our industry leading ATSE products led by a team of experienced and dedicated engineers, I can devote more time to modernising our up-fitting business for new growth.
Verbos a los que se sufija el direccional -tse /-tsi en el corpus Formas Base Significado datse / datsi da, imperfecto llegar a x lugar; ir a hacer de dok 'llegar' algo; llegar a ser; enfasis en el lugar/tiempo (tambien estado, finalidad) de llegada mitse mi, imperfecto irse; salir de; llevarse (con AG) de mik 'ir' enfasis en el lugar/tiempo de partida bitutse bitu, imperfecto venir enfasis en el lugar/tiempo de bituk 'venir' de llegada (equivalente a datse) atse / atsi ar, auxiliar de locativo/posicional: (estar) posicion (AP): sostenido de, mantener estar colgado' Otros imperfecto + perifrasis incoativa (ejs.
Siemens Betagard ATSE is user friendly and easy to install.
Citing its Smart Technology for Healthy Longevity report, ATSE suggests the application of smart devices and medical systems, including remote monitoring of the elderly at their homes.
Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, ATSE Focus No 102, May/June.
Announcing the winners, Dr John Zillman, Acting Chairman of the ATSE Clunies Ross Foundation, said 'What differentiates ATSE Clunies Ross Awards winners from other talented scientists is their unique ability to combine their particular area of expertise with the range of skills needed to take an idea from the research stage to a commercially viable innovation with a broad, positive impact on Australian society.
Resellers will be able to utilize ATSE to help pre-install Windows 95 on any systems ordered, according to the company.
Recording data from traffic report bulletins and other infractions whose sanctioning competence is attributed to the management of the seville tax agency (hereinafter atse.
The Wonder of Science Challenge (referred hereafter as the Challenge') was proposed by the ATSE as one way of addressing concerns about students' interest in science and the decline in STEM participation.
India Compatible Power Strip, ATSE, OTSE, & VIS-ATSE Shelf Systems
After placing third in IRC Division 4 of last year's race, owner/skipper Atse Blei decided to leave the S&S41 in Australia for the 2009 race to Hobart.