ATSEMAgents Territoriaux Spécialisés des Ecoles Maternelles (French: Territorial Specialized Kindergarten Agents; est. 1992)
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Program of work - Creation of two additional classrooms in kindergarten and five additional classes in elementary, - Complete restructuring of the existing canteen and create about 500 additional m2, : - Construction, expansion or renovation of premises such as rest rooms, master room, games room, local ATSEM, multipurpose room, offices, playgrounds, health, housing for the technical site manager : - Setting standards with regard to fire regulations and accessibility for people with reduced mobility, : - Heritage renovation of all buildings (roofs, exterior joinery, sunscreens, renovation and insulation of facades, interior coatings recovery, recovery of technical systems, network changes).
Main features: Lot 1 is intended for maintenance workers, personal nurseries, ATSEM, personal catering and canteen supervisors.
To assist officials of the municipality of services and CCAS Bourgoin (building services, sports, parking, roads, parks, street cleaning, maintenance, and educational and cultural ATSEM catering).