ATSERAssociazione Treni Storici Emilia Romagna (Italian: Historical Association Trains Emilia-Romagna)
ATSERAdvanced Technology Science Engineering Research (Houston, TX)
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Clark Hall, 1960] ATRSE* male given name of Ethiopians Atrse Alemayehu, Atrse Ato, Atrse Keto, and others [Facebk] ATSER community in Benue state, east-central Nigeria [GeoNames] ATSRE* Ghanaians Emmanuel Atsre , Innocent Atsre , Atsre Wisdom, and others are on Facebk.
ATSER son of Thured, a Somerset landowner in Anglo-Saxon times [Onomasticon Anglo-Saxonicum, W.
ATSers have worked hard to deliver strong operating results and deliver value to unitholders.