ATSICAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission
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ATSIC had been disbanded, so there was no kind of political voice .
The association between CDEP employment and a range of economic and social outcomes has been the subject of a number of studies (for example, ATSIC 1997; Altman et al.
In 2000 two sets of analyses constructed indices of socio-economic outcomes at the area level for the Indigenous population, both using ATSIC Regions as their unit of analysis.
In 2005, Howard abolished ATSIC, a Labor creation, and re-assigned its few remaining areas of responsibility to various federal ministers.
Former ATSIC Commissioner Alison Anderson, Lowitjia O'Donoghue, Jackie Huggins and Ian Anderson were selected from the national roundtable to form this working group to draft a family violence strategy with the aid of government representatives.
Pauline Hanson called for the ATSIC to be abolished in 1996 and this has been implemented as policy by Howard Government in 2004 and has the support of the Labour Party opposition.
Bruce Smith, chairman of the ATSIC Western Desert Regional Council, also
2) This comment by ATSIC (NT), a contribution to one of the many Government inquiries into health, recapitulates a common theoretical position: substance abuse is a 'symptom' of other social and material changes brought about by colonization.
The twenty-two year old is the sole university graduate of her high school class as well as the youngest councillor on ATSIC.
65) His Honour noted that the Briginshaw principle might not be appropriate where a respondent had suddenly announced an Aboriginal identity for the purpose of standing in an ATSIC election, but that was not the case here where all respondents had identified as Aboriginal prior to any suggestion that they stand as candidates.
Patrick Dodson' s 1999 Vincent Lingiari memorial lecture and ATSIC chairman Geoff Clark's article, `Not Much Progress', provide a clear picture of what these influential figures have in mind for the reconciliation process.
The games provide an invaluable opportunity for our people to lay the facts before the assembled international and national media,'' said Geoff Clark, chairman of ATSIC which represents the Aboriginal population through elected representatives and advises the federal government on indigenous issues.