ATSICAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission
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The association between CDEP employment and a range of economic and social outcomes has been the subject of a number of studies (for example, ATSIC 1997; Altman et al.
In 2000 two sets of analyses constructed indices of socio-economic outcomes at the area level for the Indigenous population, both using ATSIC Regions as their unit of analysis.
In 2005, Howard abolished ATSIC, a Labor creation, and re-assigned its few remaining areas of responsibility to various federal ministers.
The games provide an invaluable opportunity for our people to lay the facts before the assembled international and national media,'' said Geoff Clark, chairman of ATSIC which represents the Aboriginal population through elected representatives and advises the federal government on indigenous issues.
The leading Aboriginal, Lois O'Donaghue, chaired ATSIC during crucial times, but leaders of the powerful land councils continue to be exclusively male.
Reeves, John 1998 Building on Land Rights for the Next Generation: The review of the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976, 2 vols, ATSIC, Canberra.
This ranks in my mind as the single most destructive decision in Indigenous affairs policy that I have witnessed in 30 years of research and involvement in Aboriginal communities, alongside the decision to abolish ATSIC in 2004.
SPAs are administered through the Indigenous Co-ordination Centres that replaced the ATSIC Regional Offices, now made up of staff from various Commonwealth Government agencies.
As Christine Fletcher points out, this problem continues to bedevil ATSIC, currently the major institution of Indigenous self-government in Australia, an organization intended to serve its Aboriginal constituents while also being accountable to a Commonwealth Government Department and Minister.
In a clear statement in support of Indigenous self-determination, the Commonwealth gave ATSIC responsibility for the implementation of the NAHS.
After eleven years of berating the Indigenous 'guilt industry', the government that gave us 'black armband history' and shut down ATSIC, set out this June to show Australians that it alone has what is needed to address the 'Aboriginal problem'.