ATSMAt The Same Time
ATSMAcute Traumatic Stress Management
ATSMAdvanced Terminal Session Management (Stay-Linked)
ATSMAssociation Tunisienne des Sciences Mathématiques (French: Tunisian Association of Mathematical Sciences; Tunisia)
ATSMAthletic Training/Sports Medicine (academic program; various locations)
ATSMArea Technical Support Manager
ATSMAteliers de Tolerie et de Serrurerie de Montreuil (French: Body Shop and Locksmith Montreuil; Montreuil, France)
ATSMAutomatic Threshold Selection Method (radiology)
ATSMAutorails Touristiques Seine et Marnais (French: Seine et Marne Tourist Railcars; Siene et Marne, France)
ATSMAssociation des Techniciens Supérieurs du Mobilier (French: Furniture Technicians Association; est. 1990)
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The ATSM scale was developed with the purpose of obtaining "a psychometrically sound research instrument relevant to current attitudes toward same-sex marriage" (Pearl & Galupo, 2007; p.
The Foetal Medicine ATSM is a vital component in our quest to elevate the standards of maternal and newborn health care services in the UAE and the region.
En el bloque central (24 a 27[grados]N), las ATSM fueron negativas, excepto para enero y mayo de 1984.
This EarthChoice([TM]) category is also ATSM D 6868 certified and compostable.
Cette loi est une atteinte a la liberte", a declare Yamina Thabet, president de l'association ATSM.
And to match the proliferation of the edibles market, MMC Depot has assembled a variety of child safe packaging options from manufacturers like CoolJarz and FunkSac that not only comply with ATSM certification and state compliance laws, but can accommodate any size or portion of edible marijuana foodstuff.
Among the many advancements in women's health that have been achieved at Corniche under Salih's leadership is the advanced training skills module (ATSM) in fetal medicine for postgraduates, the first and the only ATSM obstetrics and gynaecology training unit outside the UK.
Tests will be done [at the six universities] and compared to the ATSM standards," Kachlakev explained.
The new finger-jointed provision states: "structural finger-jointed lumber shall be permitted to be used interchangeably with a solid-sawn member of the same grade and species if the finger-joints are manufactured with an adhesive meeting the requirements of ATSM D2559.