ATSPAsymmetric Traveling Salesman Problem
ATSPAssociation of Telemedicine Service Providers
ATSPAmerican Tree Sparrow
ATSPAir Traffic Service Provider (FAA term for all disciplines of air traffic controllers)
ATSPAdvanced Technology Support Program (precompeted umbrella contracting vehicle)
ATSPADTRAN Technical Support Professional
ATSPAssociazione Treni Storici Puglia (Association of Historical Trains in Puglia; Taranto, Italy)
ATSPAsked to See Patient
ATSPAcademic Technology Support Personnel
ATSPAssociation pour la Promotion des Soins Palliatifs (French: Association for Promotion of Palliative Care)
ATSPAgreed To Strategy & Plan (insurance providers and litigators)
ATSPAdvanced Tactical Supervisor's Panel
ATSPApplications Telecommunications Service Provider (IPX)
ATSPAll Things Steve Perry (fan forum)
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Due to the importance of risk as a factor in Antiterrorism Program and mission planning and execution, risk implications are woven throughout the fabric of the ATSP goals and objectives.
While final answers to these questions are still under development, CFC and ATSP Working Group planners have nevertheless reached 10 interim conclusions that help light the way ahead for airbase-opening operations in the KTO and in other combined environments.
8) The ATSP represents a plan for the overall conduct of antiterrorism operations within the Army.
The first steps that the Army took to increase focus and resources on AT awareness involved adding "enhance AT awareness throughout the Army community" as an ATSP goal and developing a supporting AT strategic communication plan.
Service Providers (ATSP) to enable them to manage their finance in terms of financial planning, accounting and profitability; total number of ATSPs = 100
The ATSP was created to meet the special information, management and policy needs of hospitals, clinics, long-and short-term care facilities, health care systems, managed-care organizations, corporate telemedicine service providers, home health care providers and individual practitioner offices that are, or expect to be, providers of telemedicine services.
For the past nine years, the ATSP program has proven mutually beneficial for government agencies and for the contractors involved.
Raytheon was also a major supplier of engineering services to the DMEA under Microelectronics Technology Support Program, ATSP and ATSP2, the precursors to ATSP3.
ATSP reduces customer procurement processing time and the cost of technology insertion into fielded systems.
It was the second time the ATSP denied United's application, saying the company could probably obtain the $2 billion in private financing without a federal loan guarantee.
CyberCare was presented with the runner up award on October 2, 2001 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida at the Telehealth 2001 Conference and Exhibition sponsored by the ATSP and HIMSS.
This telehealth award is the first annual award created jointly by ATSP and HIMSS to recognize and honor vendors and programs that have the best practices and are advancing excellence in the telehealth industry.