ATSTAt the Same Time
ATSTAdvanced Technology Solar Telescope
ATSTAll the Small things (Blink-182 song)
ATSTAll Terrain Scout Transport (Star Wars)
ATSTAegon/Transamerica Series Trust (now Transamerica Series Trust; St. Petersburg, FL; investment management)
ATSTAEGIS Technical Support Training
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A self-managed investment company, ATST operates as an investment trust that aims to be a core investment for investors seeking increasing value over the long term.
It's believed the ATST is being taken seriously by the FAI, which is naturally keen for Athlone Town to remain in the League given its historical significance as the oldest club, dating back to 1887.
Based upon those ATST ARC recommendations, the FAA created the Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee (ARAC).
Ultimately, this overhaul should do a better job of (according to the ATST ARC Report) "ensuring certificated airmen have the knowledge and skills to operate safely in the National Airspace System.
While the McMath solar telescope was to be phased out anyway (though not so soon) to make way for ATST, seeing the Green Bank Telescope on the list was unexpected.
In this month's Broadly Speaking we speak with Joan Fenwick, the national director of the ATST Learning Network, A former math teacher who has been with ATST since 1979, Fenwick is a frequent speaker at many national forums and events on the uses of telecommunications and technology in the K-12 classroom, with a particular focus on new models of professional development for teachers.
ATST Today reaches 120,000+ employees every day, woadwide
The ATST, to be constructed later this decade," has to have adaptive optics," says Keil.