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ATTAAssociation of Thai Travel Agents
ATTAAdventure Travel Trade Association
ATTAAfrican Travel and Tourism Association
ATTAAfghan Transit Trade Agreement
ATTAAtom Trap Trace Analysis
ATTAAtlanta Team Tennis Association
ATTAAmmalati di Tumore Tiroideo Associati
ATTAArmy Training Technical Architecture
ATTAAmerican Tin Trade Association (Howell, NJ)
ATTAAmerican Trote and Trocha Association, Inc. (Ocala, FL, USA)
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It was the usual collection of small oddments: bits of cloth, quack medicines, cheap fairings, a clothful of atta - greyish, rough- ground native flour - twists of down-country tobacco, tawdry pipe- stems, and a packet of curry-stuff, all wrapped in.
Our atta noodles are priced at ` 15 for 70 grams while other brands' atta noodles sell at ` 25 for 70 grams," Tijarawala added.
A female employee had lodged a sexual harassment complaint against the CDA Sports and Culture Deputy Director Atta.
Atta, meanwhile, said the elections were calmly and transparently conducted and without problems albeit spreadibg of rumors.
This report signifies UNWTO's recognition of adventure tourism's contribution to the sustainable future of tourism, said ATTA President Mr.
Atta said, in a news conference today, that "the people of Mosul, began to form armed cells to fight the gangs of the Islamic State (IS) in retaliation for the bombing of the shrine of the Prophet Yunus and other shrines as well as displacing Christians.
The two organizations will tackle matters concerning definitions, market size and trends, education/training, and standards and guideline development activities specifically concerning adventure travel, said Taleb Rifai of the UNWTO after signing the deal with ATTA president Shannon Stowell.
The home was a laboratory for all the things we hadn't gotten the opportunity to do with clients," says Van Atta.
A demonstration was held Monday afternoon in front of the Press Syndicate in Downtown Cairo in memoriam of Essam Atta, a driver who died in custody at the age of 23.
This is the third year running that the ATTAs marquee annual conference has sold out several months prior to the actual summit.
Those who sign up with ATTA will be given more information regarding itineraries.
Atta Mills, who had been suffering from throat cancer, died at the 37th Military Hospital in Accra, the country's capital.