ATTACAssociation for the Taxation of Financial Transactions for the Aid of Citizens (international political group)
ATTACAction pour une Taxe Tobin d'Aide aux Citoyens
ATTACAvailability Transformation: Tornado Aircraft Contract (UK MoD)
ATTACAction pour la Taxation des Transactions Financieres pour l'Aide aux Citoyens (Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions for the Benefit of Citizens)
ATTACAssociatief Netwerk voor een Taks op Financiële Transacties en Voor Het Aansterken van de Civiele Maatschappij
ATTACAmerican Textile Trade Action Coalition
ATTACAssociação para a Taxação das Transacções Financeiras para Ajuda ao Cidadão (Portugal)
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The success of ATTAC in Norway: An approach synthesising discourse analysis and framing theory.
The ATTAC movement had a role as 'an awakener of conscience', he said.
The Tobin Tax Initiative and ATTAC burgeoned in numbers (ATTAC now has tens of thousands of members worldwide, and is always a prominent participant in high-profile protests against globalization, such as the recent demonstrations in Barcelona, Spain).
Following the United Nations Program for Development (UNPD) and the 100,000-member ATTAC organization, set up in France to lobby for the Tobin tax, they envision a .
ATTAC Explorer is a new product that dramatically simplifies field incident data sharing and facilitates workflow management to support rapid decision-making in critical situations.
Major international organizations will take part in the counter-summit, such as: Focus on the global south, Global exchange, ATTAC, Via campesina, Institute for agriculture and trade policy, Our world is not for sale, Tax Justice Network, Latindadd, Committee for the abolition of world debt, Campagna per la riforma della Banca mondiale, Plataforma Interamericana de Derechos Humanos, Democracia y Desarrollo from Latin America, Centre for Civil Society, Globalization monitor, Institute of Globalisation and Social movements, and many others.
The digital marketing seminar has won the backing of ATTAC with Secretary General Hani Khorsheed expecting it to be "extremely beneficial" to its members.
This year has the highest recorded passenger uplift in the UAE, but due to airlines bearing various operational costs, around 70 per cent are not breaking even and are even suffering losses," said Hani Khorsheed, Secretary-General at ATTAC.
Bernard Cassen, from the Paris-based ATTAC, a key early participant in the WSF process, has proposed a more plural "organized international civil society' to promulgate a WSF 'consensus' against the neoliberal "Washington Consensus'.
At our last forum in December 2001 in Monaco there was a session on the future of globalization during which Bernard Cassen, president of the ATTAC organization in France (an anti-globalization organization) and General Director of Le Monde Diplomatique, spoke to an audience including what amounts to his worst enemy intellectually, the Prince of Monaco; if he had gone to Davos he would have been on the streets
Last year, A-T Solutions was named a finalist for Best Overall Company of the Year and New Product or Service of the Year for its innovative products, ATTAC and FireScene[TM].
Nasser Butti Omeir Bin Youssuf, chairman of the Travel & Tourism Agencies Council (ATTAC) and board member of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ADCCI) inaugurated the new office, along with Hani Khorsheed, secretary general of ATTAC.