ATTDAdvanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes
ATTDAdvanced Technology Transition Demonstration
ATTDAlcohol and Tobacco Tax Division (now US ATF)
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7, the ATTD of leach clustering is longer than the three other algorithms.
The differences between the ileal and total tract absorptions, and between the AID and ATTD of P and Ca were also compared with the paired t-test.
No differences were observed in the ATTD of GE among the three barley samples.
Two original research papers were presented from Kerala at the ATTD.
The ATTD of AEE, DM, organic matter (OM), NDF, ADF, and CP was calculated by total urine and feces collection method for each diet.
Regional Commissioner for ATTD (Alcohol, Tobacco Tax Division of Treasury Dept.
This experiment was conducted as a 3x2x2 factorial design to examine the effects of particle size (mean particle size of 331, 640, or 862 [micro]m), evaluation method (direct vs indirect method) and adaptation duration (7 or 26 days) on the DE and ME contents and the ATTD of various chemical components in wheat when fed to finishing pigs.
Despite the ATTD attitude, nothing significant has been done to simplify the regulations for natural wine, in so far as I can remember.
Following chemical analysis, the ATTD of various chemical constituents as well as the DE and ME content for each diet were calculated.
Because the excessive phytase added in this experiment promoted ATTD of phosphorus, the phosphorus concentration was decreased in the hindgut.
1 was conducted to evaluate the effects of CC protease on digestible energy (DE) and metabohzable energy (ME) values, N utihzation and ATTD of gross energy (GE) and nutrients in com-SBM diet.