ATTGAutomated Tactical Target Graphics
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2-15 DMA (%) 80 65-89 N6AMT1 haplotypes (n) Haplotype 1: AATG (2/1/0 copies) (c) 30/81/77 Haplotype 3: ATTG (2/1/0 copies) (c) 5/46/137 Haplotype 9: GTGT (0/1/2 copies) (c) 72/73/43 AS3MT haplotype (n) Haplotype 2: GCCATCAC (2/1/0 copies) (d) 90/75/21 (a) SAC: San Antonio de los Cobres; other villages: Santa Rosa de los Pastos Grandes, Pocitos, Olacapato, Cobres, Rosario de Lerma.
The contract is the contract for the provision of services for the management and maintenance of the integrated control center of fare integration in the province of Gipuzkoa, ownership of ATTG and computer related developments, all within the framework fare integration in the Historical Territory of Gipuzkoa.
The supply include production, customization and provision of all anonymous use cards and personalized to meet demand from the ATTG.