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ATTIAdvanced Transportation Technology Institute
ATTIAdvanced Tracking Technologies, Inc. (est. 1998; Houston, TX)
ATTIAdvanced Technology Transfer and Infusion (JPL)
ATTIAmerican Telephone and Telegraph Interchange
ATTIAcoustic Test Target Insertion
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The letter of intent gives ATTI the exclusive right to negotiate the acquisition.
ATTI, based in Moorestown, NJ, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Atlas Travel Technologies Pty.
TravelRes Direct is a registered trademark of ATTI, one of North America's leading travel technology companies.
ATTI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Advanced Telecommunications, Inc.
The Company expects to upgrade other Royal Saudi Air Force military bases, as a subcontractor to ATTI International Development, Inc.
com's Intelligent Computer Solutions (ICS) division will collaborate with ATTI International to implement a LAN/WAN solution for the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF).
Contact: Jim Frierson, ATTI, phone 423-505-6888, e-mail jamesf@chattanooga.
1) For the purpose of this study, the ATTI variable is assigned a value of one if respondent selected the statement "all pesticides used on fresh produce should be banned" or "some pesticides are unsafe and should be banned and greater restrictions should be placed on those pesticides remaining in use"; otherwise, it is assigned a value of zero.
ATTI noted that the 42-foot hybrid water bus was manufactured by Canal Boats, Inc.
Although Ursic (1985a) does not propose ATTI as a potential predictor, several studies in CCB literature support the role of ATTI as a direct positive antecedent of INTEN (Richins 1982; Bearden and Mason 1983; Bearden and Crockett 1981).
Bharatan Patel, CEO of ATTI, commented that "Aavid Thermalloy continues to grow and strengthen its position as a leading global supplier of thermal management products for electronics, and I am pleased with the progress it is making.
Under the Ride & Drive scheme, ATTI said it encourages the use of hybrid vehicles by loaning them to individuals and organizations.