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ATTIAssociation of Teachers in Technical Institutions (now National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education)
ATTIAdvanced Transportation Technology Institute
ATTIAdvanced Tracking Technologies, Inc. (est. 1998; Houston, TX)
ATTIAdvanced Technology Transfer and Infusion (JPL)
ATTIAcoustic Test Target Insertion
ATTIAmerican Telephone and Telegraph Interchange
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Furthermore, ATTI is assumed to have positive effects on consumers' concern about the riskiness of using agricultural pesticides in the production of fresh produce.
ATTI said it plans to drive the new Escape for several weeks, after which it will be loaned to individuals and groups in the Tennessee Valley Corridor.
The Company expects to upgrade other Royal Saudi Air Force military bases, as a subcontractor to ATTI International Development, Inc.
com's Intelligent Computer Solutions (ICS) division will collaborate with ATTI International to implement a LAN/WAN solution for the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF).
ATTIS will dynamically combine computer vision, statistical analysis, and artificial intelligence techniques to identify threats accurately at a wide range of distances.
Chris Attis was loaned a self-was loaned a self-A propelled wheelchair by Middlesbrough Teesside Lions Club for to him to use during his time at the inaugural games.
It is worth noting that Persius explicitly refers twice to Attis (1.
Despite falling behind in the first minute when Devon's Charlie Attis kicked an early penalty, North Mids never looked like losing as they steadily tightened their grip on the game.
Poems 63 and 64 of Catullus not only share marriage as a common thread, but also have common elements in their representation of the figures of Attis and Ariadne, in particular their depiction of the two as helpless creatures entangled in forces beyond their control.
5, on the other hand, they are seen by Attis not as a valuable asset but rather as burdensome, undesirable baggage.
Because Evvie has a hunch that it is Attis Fuller looking this way.
Like the Great Mother, Attis was probably indigenous to Asia Minor, adopted by the invading Phrygians and blended by them with a mythical character of their own.