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ATTICAll the Tea in China
ATTICAlternative Treatment Technology Information Center (US EPA National Risk Management Research Laboratory)
ATTICAssociation of Trinidad and Tobago Insurance Companies
ATTICAll That Tour in Corea (Korean travel agency)
ATTICAwareness of Teaching and Teaching Improvement Center (Temple University, College of Liberal Arts)
ATTICArchived Term That Isn't Certified (Acronym Attic)
ATTICAssistive Technology, Training and Information Center, Inc. (Vincennes, Indiana)
AtticAll Teens Together in Christ
ATTICArmy Test and Training Instrumentation Conference (US Army)
ATTICAdvising, Tutoring, Testing/Disabilities, International Student Center (Southern Polytechnic State University; Georgia)
ATTICAll Things Through and In Christ
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Did we not hear a roly-poly noise in the attic when we were looking into that chest?
Athanase Granson, a young man twenty-three years of age, who slept in an attic room above the second floor of the house, added six hundred francs to the income of his poor mother, by the salary of a little place which the influence of his relation, Mademoiselle Cormon, had obtained for him in the mayor's office, where he was placed in charge of the archives.
After a cursory glance at the rest of the rooms, from basement to attic, we came to the conclusion that the dining room contained any effects which might belong to the Count.
His room was an attic and as he thrust his head out, up and down the street there were a dozen echoes to the noise of his window sash, and heads in every kind of night disarray appeared.
For myself, hiding the jewel under my cloak, I shall hie me back to my attic chamber, in one of the darksome alleys of London.
I suppose, sister, you will put the child in the little white attic, near the old nurseries.
They lay in an attic beneath a wavy whitewashed ceiling, and, because it rained, a wood fire was made in an iron basket on a brick hearth, and they fell asleep to the chirping of mice and the whimper of flames.
Muldoon had retired from the scene and, visiting the ample house from attic to cellar, making sure he was alone, he knew himself in safe possession and, as he tacitly expressed it, let himself go.
The entrance to the attic above his apartments was walled up.
I left the breakfast-table, and as I ascended the stair I met him coming down with an old rusty key, which must have belonged to the attic, in one hand, and a small brass box, like a cashbox, in the other.
His room was an immense attic which ran the whole length of the dairy-house.
You start in the attic and work your way down to the first floor.