ATTRAttribute (computer programming)
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10-13) A new class of antiamyloid agents, currently in clinical trials, also appear to be amyloid type specific for AA and ATTR.
2], then Attri is selected to be the value of Attr.
Trevor Tennant's somewhat ghoulish clock pageant created in 1953 showing wide-eyed Peeping Tom peering down on the wooden horseback nude figure of Godiva riding out of an opening on the wall of Broadgate House on every hour offers an unusual tourist attr action.
A few white-washed buildings do not make a major tourist attr action - although the juice bar with freshly squeezed orange, apple and carrot juice is worth a detour for the cool, shaded courtyard setting.
Table 2 Rate Of Attrition By Firm Size Class: Mean Attrition Rates Ghana Kenya Zimbabwe Attr.
Two couples were left heartbroken afte af r they became victims of a scam and were p lu ng ed in to a Holiday day da Hell Some bogus travel companies anies an notonly only onl dupe du holidaymakers with attr at active tive ti deals, they will even pr od uce fal se documents too.
s by attr "It's a significant statement of intent by Athlone Town to attract a manager of Roddy's experience and profile.
ATTR is a late-onset disease, developing in the third to seventh decade (1).
1,3,15] Among the familial forms, there is ATTR and amyloid derived from apolipoprotein I (AApoAI), gelsolin (AGel), lysozyme (ALys), fibrinogen [Alpha]-chain (AFib), and cystatin C (ACys).
STA ST R ATTR ACTION Ian Poulter in action in Antalya