ATTRAAppropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (Fayetteville, AR)
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Since 1987, ATTRA has been providing American farmers, ranchers, Extension personnel, educators and others involved in commercial agriculture with information and research services related to low-input, sustainable and organic production.
The answers to these and many similar questions are theirs free from the ATTRA National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service--a project of the nonprofit National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT), headquartered in Butte, Mont.
While ATTRA's publications and other services are only offered to American producers, the scope of ATTRA research is worldwide.
ATTRA has about 250 publications and other materials (such as PowerPoint slide shows and CD-ROMs) that cover a wide variety, of topics, including horticultural crops, field crops, soils and composts, pest management, water quality and conservation (including irrigation), and livestock (cattle, hogs, small ruminants, and poultry.
While these publications are ATTRA's mainstay, there is another ATTRA service that is unique: a toll-free helpline--1-800-346-9140 (English); 1-800-411-3222 (Spanish)--that producers can call to talk to an ATTRA agriculture specialist.
In 2004, the NCAT staff working on the ATTRA project wrote or updated more than 50 of their publications and responded to some 35,000 questions and requests for materials, while visitors downloaded more than 300,000 publications from the ATTRA Web site.
In addition to publications and research, NCAT's ATTRA project can provide speakers (English, Spanish and Laotian) for conferences and workshops.
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