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ATTRIBAttribute (also ATR)
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Notice that the 1989 version of the warning label neither attrib utes lung cancer (and other types of cancer) to smoking, nor does it warn pregnant women of smoking as dangerous (see Mainichi Shinbun Yuukan [1989] and Nikkei Ryuutsuu Shinbun [1989]).
By contrast, Elaine de Kooning's comparatively meager institutional recognition as an artist can be attrib uted to her conscious flouting of the AbEx framework.
Painting: The Annunciation to the Shepherds, pre-1550, Jacobus Coen attrib.
The imbalance of minorities in the classroom attrib uted by many to low salaries and the lackluster prestige of the profession, is troubling to African-American professionals who believe their presence is crucial to the development and success of African-American youth, particularly those in grades 5-8, a critical stage in which students can either be turned on to learning or turned off.