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ATTUAsian Table Tennis Federation
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ATTUair transportable treatment unit (US DoD)
ATTUAdvanced Tiltrotor Training Unit
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The battle at Attu island received little press, since it coincided with the battle at Guadalcanal.
Influenced strongly by Japanese tactics on Attu, he argued that the enemy had simply taken to the upper elevations.
Last Letters from Attu is not only an inspiring story of one woman caught up in the horror of World War II, but also an engaging glimpse of frontier life in Alaska.
Mudry, a year behind, at the College of Medical Evangelists, were on Attu as Seventh Division medical officers.
However, with the major loss at Midway, the Japanese Government decided to occupy two islands, Kiska and Attu, at the western end of the Aleutians and then declare victory back home.
For the American soldiers who came to battle the Japanese on Attu, each new day became more grueling than the previous day, and the casualties on both sides grew as bitter fighting and nature bit deeply into both forces.
The islands of Attu and Kiska were occupied by Japanese troops; it took a fierce 13-month battle to dislodge them.
Exhibition highlights also include: Jones-Breu Collection, the items teacher Etta Jones took in her suitcase in June 1942 when the Japanese military invaded her home on Attu island and took her prisoner for three years; a child's parka cover which was one of two made by Vera Roberts Giese (1900-1985), born in Unalaska, for her sons Don and Harold Roberts; an Inupiaq harpoon made by Ted Mayac Sr.
Following their defeat at Midway, the Japanese occupied Kiska and Attu Islands, at the extreme western end of the Aleutians.
Intensive bombing attacks against Attu and Kiska were launched, and a huge naval blockade was enforced against the Japanese.
In the summer of 1987, they travelled to Attu, outermost island in the chain, where they planted trees on a Coast Guard station.
Retired Army Major Bill Jones, a veteran of the 19-day battle that cost the lives of 4,000 men, returns to Attu Island to tell his story.