ATTWAssociation of Teachers of Technical Writing
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Moreover, having the site housed at an organization dedicated to that discipline (in this case, the ATTW home site), makes it a place where faculty know they can go for a variety of related educational resources.
My vision for the design of the ATTW syllabi site was to, above all, keep it easy to maintain and simple to navigate
In Dayton and Bernhardt's 2003 survey of ATTW members, respondents reported curriculum coherence was a primary problem facing graduate programs (p.
Volume 11 in the ATTW Contemporary Studies in Technical Communication, ed.
ATTW Contemporary Series in Technical Communication vol.
This monograph is volume 10 of the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing's ATTW Contemporary Studies in Technical Communication.
He is an STC fellow and founding series editor for ATTW Contemporary Studies in Technical Communication.
I hope it sparks subsequent efforts by the ATTW Publications Committee to prepare further collections that will stimulate rethinking of received wisdom, as well as practice, in the classroom.