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ATULActivity Theory Usability Lab (University of Wollongong; Australia)
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We are excited to have Atul widen his focus on laying a strong foundation for our expanding international operations," said Kent Thiry, chairman and CEO of DaVita HealthCare Partners.
We were sitting outside our house when we saw Atul coming out of his house with a blood- stained spade.
Atul Anjan told ANI, "Violent attacks on north-eastern students often become national news.
If the film industry has any heart, they should boycott Atul Sabarwal as he was part of this vicious scheme to demean Subhash Kapoor.
Atul took part in one of the annual seminars during his freshman year at GU-Q in Doha in January 2012.
Atul admitted: "The Dragons are like you see them on television - terrifying.
Caption: A view of Atul Dodiya's suite of paintings for Project Cinema City on display at the NGMA, Mumbai 2012.
The couple, played by Reece Ritchie and Amara Karan, are attractive and likable, but the movie's most poignant relationship is between Atul and his overbearing father, played with gleeful abandon by Harish Patel.
However, Atul is haunted by the words of his father - "A son should be the first thing on a man's agenda" - which dampens his ardour.
the hospitality arm of the Landmark Group, and Atul Kochhar have enjoyed a fruitful partnership in the development of the homegrown brand, Zafran, and have taken it from strength to strength.
He is on a journey to discover top dishes and after appearing at Taste of Dubai in March, Atul is expected back in the UAE this month to check out Arabic curry.
Company sets up operations in Asia, with an office in Singapore, Atul Sinha to head the Asian Operations, Asia region website launched www.