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ATVAll Terrain Vehicle
ATVAutomated Transfer Vehicle (ESA/NASA)
ATVAmateur Television (Ham radio service)
ATVApple TV (television appliance)
ATVAdvanced Television
ATVAssociated Television (UK)
ATVAllgemeine Technische Vertragsbedingungen für Bauleistungen (German: General Technical Specifications in Construction Contracts; Germany)
ATVAsia Television Limited (Hong Kong)
ATVAnalog Television
ATVAtlantic Television (Canada)
ATVAlternativ Til Vold (Norwegian: Alternative to Violence)
ATVArbeidstijdverkorting (Dutch: reduction of working hours)
ATVAdjustable Travel Volume
ATVAutomatic Transport Ventilator (medical device)
ATVAverage Transaction Value
ATVArmored Trooper Votoms (anime)
ATVAzienda Trasporti Verona (Verona, Italy)
ATVAriane Transfer Vehicle
ATVAir Test Vehicle
ATVAgena Target Vehicle (NASA)
ATVAverage Time Viewing (advertising)
ATVAdvanced Test Vehicle
ATVAutomatic Video Tracker
ATVAccurate Traffic Volume
ATVAppareils de Transformation de Vitesse (French: Processing Speed Devices)
ATVAsymmetric Time-Varying
ATVAfrikaanse Taalvereniging
ATVAircraft Trailing Vortices
ATVAutomatic Threshold Variation
ATVAverage Total Volume
ATVAbsorber-Element Test Vessel
ATVAkaryakit Tuketim Vergisi (Turkish Fuel Consumption Tax)
ATVAutomatic Test Verification
ATVAir Technical Avionics (Royal Australian Navy rating)
ATVAverage Transaction Volume (credit card)
ATVAir Transit Visa (various nations)
ATVAkademiet for de Tekniska Videnskaber (Academy of Technical Sciences, Denmark)
ATVAnterior Thoracic Vertebrae
ATVAdvanced Tether Vehicle (oceanographic equipment)
ATVAuthority to Vote (various locations)
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5) Late last year, partly in response to that petition, the CPSC commissioners unanimously voted to investigate the ATV safety crisis and consider regulatory action.
If you were to plummet head first off your ATV, you would strike the ground with a certain amount of force.
Weir said most ATV injuries happen when riders surpass their skill level or the capabilities of their machine when trying to turn or jump.
Never allow another person to ride your ATV with you.
They take old, broken or stock axles and produce a beefed up replacement made of high strength alloy steel for ATV and off-road vehicles with larger CV joints, bigger bearings and a stronger cage.
One of the most frustrating safety issues to confront the CPSC has been the risk of death and injury from riding ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles).
Yes, today's ATVs have amazingly productive potential.
To get that message across, Enis says the OHV Conservation Council is working with a number of other groups around the nation to have a comprehensive educational program on ATV ethics and responsibilities ready for distribution this summer.
During the early 1980s, there was a substantial increase in both ATV sales and accidents associated with ATV use.
The information you provide can help us as we try to determine how we might reduce ATV hazards.
This successful launch culminates the ATV program, for which Thales Alenia Space, especially the Turin plant, has played a major role.
The national consumption of ATV in China shows that sports, leisure and entertainment are the main application fields; the sports field accounts for 28%, ranking the first; the leisure field accounts for 25%, agriculture of 18%, military field of 9%, hunting of 5% and others of 15%.