ATVAAutomated Technology for Verification and Analysis (Workshop)
ATVAAll Terrain Vehicle Association
ATVAAmerican Trauma Victims Association (West Wing TV show)
ATVAAlmagor Terror Victims Association (Israel)
ATVAAnalog Television Adapter
ATVAActive Tuned Vibration Attenuator (aviation)
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As a result, every single member of Congress, as well as members of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), has received powerful statements from members of the AMA and ATVA.
We also want to thank the many thousands of AMA and ATVA members who have answered the call from the beginning to urge their lawmakers to exempt kids' OHVs from the lead law.
The 31-member ATVA coalition will focus on preventing consumer confusion, disruption and ever increasing rates that result from outdated rules governing these carriage negotiations.