ATiBApplied Technology in Business
ATiBAdvanced Topics in Bioinformatics (Weizmann Institute of Science; Israel)
ATiBAutomotive and Transportation Industries Branch (Canada)
ATiBA-Type Inclusion Body (immunology)
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This is a situation we don't want," Erkmen said, adding that being named in reference to political parties is against the principles of ATIB, which has no links to any party or political institution.
We envision the Managing Information Technologies Conference and our support of the ATiB Program to have the same effect on Michigan's technology education and business initiatives.
In a message delivered through ATIB, Turkey stressed that the bill harms the unity and togetherness of the Muslim community.
Meanwhile, ATIB Chairman Seyfi Bozkus thanked Schonborn for his positive statements in the media regarding Muslims, and said that they wanted to see the religious freedom, which was assured in the constitution, in practice too.