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To this end, the incumbent will - Make an inventory of the existing for 26 ARS to identify those that will face significant challenges in adapting new ways of providing bases PMSI,- Make a very detailed analysis of the existing in ARS that have developed tools incompatible with the technical solution implemented by ATIH,- Examine the feasibility of replacing the specific tools developed by the ARS through centralized tool envisaged by the ATIH to meet a common minimum necessary.
The subject of the contract covers - Construction and installation of a fiber ~Black~ between the headquarters of the ATIH in Lyon and Rhone-Alpes ars for transit data stream type (replication backup, recovery .
Main features: This contract is for the supply, installation and maintenance of a new multifunctional copier and the provision of necessary supplies for its operation for the seat of ATIH well as training related services the use of the photocopier and the removal and destruction of an old photocopier.
it is an order to market that deals with the renewal of the ATIH backup solution and associated services for installation on the Lyon and Paris sights with extended warranty and 5 days type of media 7 and Response within 24 hours.
These contracts involve the provision of a link 100mb / s scalable between the head office in Lyon and Paris branch of ATIH and a Schedule link on the Paris branch of the Ministry of ATIH social affairs, health and rights of women and the availability of a scalable and redundant access to the internet on the site of the Lyon ATIH, an emergency access to Paris branch and a device VPN access.
Contract notice: Renewal of the backup solution atih and related services.
This contract is focused on the renewal of the support and maintenance of hardware and software virtualization solutions ATIH and the acquisition of equipment and additional software licenses to absorb the scalability of the system information Technical information on hospitalization agency (Atih)
Contract notice: Supervision services to institutions as part of a survey on the cost of dialysis activity on behalf of the atih
However, given the expense that arises from the realization of benefits, ATIH examine the bids so that a candidate may be awarded a maximum of 2 lots that.
This is a framework agreement concluded in the form of a contract purchase order within the meaning of Article 77 of the procurement code with minimum and maximum, by which ATIH wishes to renew its backup and receive the same fringe benefits of the Lyon and Paris sites with extended warranty and support type 5 days 24 hours 7
Contract award: acquisition of video communications system in the atih between atih and its partners over the internet.