AUBLAberdeen Ultimate Band List (Aberdeen, UK)
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Crescimento, producao de materia seca e acumulo de N, P, K, Ca, Mg e S na parte aerea de mudas de andiroba (Carapa guianensis Aubl.
Aubl Manthouk said that Cuba is a country of rich culture, "we want to increase the ties in this field between the two nations".
Upon his arrival in Sana'a, Aubl said to Saba that a cooperation agreement was signed by Yemen and the ARC-WH.
Aubl explained to (Saba) that the pavilion of Bilqis throne in the exhibition is an opportunity for the marketing and promotion of Yemeni cultural and archaeological tourism externally and introducing the historical Yemeni culture to the world.
Hooper (EA, K) Queenslandiella hyalina Kenya: Mwachala 296 (EA) (Vahl) Ballard Remirea maritima Aubl.
generic revision); Simpson (1992) for 71 species of Mapania Aubl.
On pollen dimorphism in heterostylous Psychotrieae, especially in the genus Mapouria Aubl.
ex Vogel Brazil (28) Taralea P Dipterygeae Belem, PA, oppositifolia Aubl.
Aubl asserted in his opening speech NIHR keenness to provide its personnel with training opportunities mainly regarding issues pertaining to promoting the culture of human rights.
Carradine and Gonzalez (2006) conducted a similar study with three Brazilian species (Abiurana ferro [Pouteria caimito], Acariquara [Minquartia guianensis Aubl.