AUBMCAmerican University of Beirut Medical Center
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In general, says Skaff, "the staff at AUBMC are promoting tertiary health care and educating people about causes, prevention, and prevalence of cancer, in addition to teaching them about adequate screening tests and when to do them.
AUBMC is the first healthcare institution in the Middle East and the third in the world outside the US to receive this award.
Mouro dedicated herself to taking nursing at AUBMC to unprecedented heights and there is no better way to honor her before she leaves on Dec 31, 2010, than by maintaining her commitment to nursing and excellence through this scholarship," said Dr.
Hadi Skouri, the AUBMC cardiologist who has been treating the patient and a specialist on heart failure and transplantation.
He was admitted to AUBMC for treatment after suffering injuries while resisting security forces' attempts to clear the ministry of activists.
AUBMC was the first medical institution in Lebanon to receive CAP Accreditation.
The AUBMC produced its first in-house model for a patient last month, which doctors said was an important aid in their prognosis and plan of action.
Our unwavering commitment to our academic mission is a major pillar of the AUBMC 2020 Vision and this institutional accreditation from ACGME-I is a testament to the excellent standards of our graduate medical education programs.
The high cost of a transplant hinders many such operations at AUBMC, but Dr.
Summary: A woman in her 40s lies on a hospital bed at AUBMC as technicians set up an IV feed on her wrist.
The Partial Hospitalization Program within the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Program at AUBMC was launched in Q4 of 2013.
Thalia Arawi of AUBMC, the founding director of this program, has been named to head the Salim El-Hoss Bioethics and Professionalism Program.