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The National Committee for Quality Assurance accredited AUCP with a 3-year Accreditation for its Service Coordination and Long-Term Supports Services, recognizing AUCP's dedication to quality and commitment to providing high quality, exceptional person centered care to the individuals they serve.
As was noted in a Foreign Affairs Department of CC AUCP (B) document, the main result of their activity was 'that under conditions of a constantly aggravating international situation and intensifying reactionary intrigues, these organisations and first of all WFDY, have proved their vitality while maintaining an anti-imperialist position'.
For example, in a secret document 'Directives for the Soviet representatives at the meeting of the executive committee of WFDY' dated 21 January 1946 prepared by AFC-SY and approved by CC AUCP (B), the Soviet delegation was directed to express its full support for the demands of Indonesian youth organisations and ensure that WFDY come out in favour of stopping intervention in Indonesia.
Soviet members of this executive session received secret instructions prepared by the Komsomol CC and approved by the Foreign Affairs Department of CC AUCP (B).
This instruction came with a covering letter by the deputy chief of the Foreign Affairs Department of CC AUCP (B), L.
After the Moscow WFDY Executive session of June 1947 ended, the Soviet members of the Executive presented a secret account of its work to CC AUCP (B) Secretaries A.
The Soviet members of the WFDY Executive proposed that CC AUCP (B) and the Komsomol CC should permit the sending of representatives from the Soviet Central Asian and Caucasian republics as observers to the forthcoming Southeast Asian youth conference, as well as allowing Olga Chechetkina to travel together with other members of the WFDY commission to a number of capitalist countries (Britain, France and others) to inform young people of these countries about the conditions of colonial youth and about the WFDY decisions concerning the struggle of these young people for their rights and needs.
Besides the official report of the WFDY commission to the Executive, Olga Chechetkina prepared another secret account of her travels to the countries of Southeast Asia for the Komsomol CC and the Foreign Affairs Department of the CC AUCP (B).
Chechetkina was appointed to the post in the WFDY by the Secretariat of the CC AUCP (B).
20) Nevertheless it should be stressed that Olga Chechetkina's secret account addressed to the CC AUCP (B) did not contain anything which could be considered as implying that the colonial peoples' were striving for radical socialist-oriented reforms or communist revolution.
This positive attitude towards Sjahrir is dearly seen in a letter by an Indonesian communist leader Maruto Darusman to the CC of the Communist Party of the Netherlands dated 18 June 1946, which has been found among the documents of the Foreign Policy Department of the CC AUCP (B).
An anonymous article on the situation in Indonesia, apparently written under the influence of this letter, was published in the classified Bulletin of the Information Bureau of CC AUCP (B) on foreign policy topics of 1 October 1946, as N.