AUD6Amplifiable Unit of DNA
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Australian telecomms company Telstra has agreed to pay rival telecomms companies - including Singapore Telecommunications' Optus unit - AUD6.
Effective next week, a fuel surcharge of AUD6 to AUD15 will be added per ticket.
The analysts believe that the bank is worth about AUD6.
NAB made repeated provisions against these, sending share prices plunging by nearly AUD6.
Cash earnings were AUD6,598m for the 12 month period ending 30 September 2012.
WBK) has reported that its net profit for the 12 months ended September 30 has increased by 10 percent to AUD6.
AU) has said that its net profit for the full year ended June 30 has increased by 13 percent, to AUD6.
The Sydney-based bank said that cash earnings have increased by 42 percent to a record AUD6.
Net interest income increased by 19 per cent to AUD6.
34 a share, but they may revise the offer to AUD6 per share.