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AUGAAcorn User Group Austria
AUGAAviation Union Grand Alliance (Nigeria)
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practitioner is "ugauga auga," literally a man of "ugauga.
Auga continued, "The technology brings the power of our data right to our customers, who will be able to find what they need, faster and more easily.
But Felicia Byrne, 13, of Auga Dulce, who was showing everything from sheep and goats to rabbits and chickens, said she prefers goats to pigs.
Window' is derived from the Old Norse vindauga (vindre - wind + auga - eye).
As Ken Auga, President of PartMiner, explained, "The world of electronics has waited a long time for a global view into the pricing paid for electronic components.
Augalai taip pat gali pagerinti hidraulini laiduma pavirsiniu nuoteku filtre, nes saknu sistemos vystosi ir auga, sudarydamos kanalus filtro uzpilduose (Hatt et al.
aukstuju technologiju augimo indeksas--tai indeksas, rodantis, kiek auga aukstuju technologiju paplitimas mieste;
Zole", ne "betonas", yra musu krasto turtas, ji auga visur, o jos naudojimo kultura rodo pagarba gamtai.
ICOMOS ICOMOS statutas, 4-5 straipsniai nariu skaicius visame pasaulyje nuolat auga.