AUMFAuthorization for Use of Military Force
AUMFAuthorized Use of Military Force
AUMFAmerican Ukrainian Medical Foundation
AUMFAshland United Methodist Fellowship
AUMFAlternate Unit of Measure Factor
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The AUMF was most recently challenged in June by Representative Barbara Lee, who attempted to repeal it in mid-2017.
The Senate vote, rejecting Paul's measure 61 to 36, was the first on an AUMF in 15 years.
Under the Obama administration, there was no pressing reason for Congress to compromise and draft a new AUMF because there existed no practical context for the courts to interpret the legality of President Obama's extension of the AUMF.
Those actors are largely all gone, but the resolution has no ending date, nor does it signal what action or event would trigger an end to the authority Three administrations have used the AUMF to take troops, airplanes and drones into a dozen Middle Eastern and African nations.
could creatively read the AUMF to permit attacks on Nusra, strategic considerations imply that the United States is likely to continue to avoid targeting the group.
Even when the executive publicly invoked statutory authority for the PSP--whether under the AUMF, section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act, section 702 of the FAA, or other provisions of FISA--it resisted providing the underlying legal rationale contained in still-secret OLC memoranda and FISC opinions.
com/policy/defense/238619-gop-obama-war-request-is-dead (recounting politicians' views regarding AUMF as dead).
the domestic authorization for the use of force under the AUMF 2001 and
The AUMF, as it became known, authorized the President:
Despite this obvious need, however, Congress and the White House appear to have quietly given up on passing a new AUMF.
Approximately one year after signing the 2001 AUMF into law,
The AUMF explicitly states it "would not authorize long-term, large-scale ground combat operations like those our Nation conducted in Iraq and Afghanistan.