AUOAu Optronics Corporation
AUOAggravated Unlicensed Operation (of a Motor Vehicle)
AUOAdministratively Uncontrollable Overtime
AUOActive User Object
AUOArea Utilization Officer
AUOAuthorized Unscheduled Overtime
AUOAssistant Unit Operator
AUOAuxiliary Unit Operator
AUOAuburn University Opelika
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To support easier display of diverse information and content in all sorts of daily life scenarios, AUO presents public information displays with ultra high brightness, dual sides, low reflection, water and dust-proof features suitable for stations, mass transportation service, merchandises, dining, drive-thru, and all lines of businesses.
In view of the reliable and stable power generation requirements for power plants in Europe, America and Japan, AUO is unveiling a new scalable energy storage system, PowerRondo, a solution designed to meet various types of power management systems.
AUO adopts the strategy of "Global Operation, Local Delivery" and is currently the Taiwanese PV player with the highest solar module capacity worldwide(*).
A supply-chain insider revealed that AUO is one of the World's only two AMOLED suppliers for cellphone panels.
Ever since disclosing "AUO Green Solutions" early last year, AUO has registered remarkable records in seven major areas: Green DNA, Green Innovations, Green Procurement, Green Production, Green Logistics, Green Service and Green Recycling.
Krusos, said, "We are pleased to have an agreement with AUO, one of the world's leaders in flat panel displays.
AUO introduces its leading UHD 4K display technology to smartphone and notebook PC displays, making UHD 4K displays the new parameter for high-end mobile devices.
Besides, E Ink will also supply LCD (liquid crystal display) panel module assembly for AUO, which will offer glass substrates for E Ink and Hydis.
Taiwan-based AUO will be supported by Arrow's full suite of design and engineering services within its specialized OEM Computing Solutions group, providing global system integration and logistics capabilities.