AUPEAlberta Union of Provincial Employees
AUPEAmalgamated Union of Public Employees (Singapore)
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Their second claim was that there were ongoing meetings with AUPE officers after Bill 41 was originally drafted.
Given the government manipulations and deception surrounding the task force, the claims by the provincial treasurer and other government members in the legislature of extensive and ongoing consultations with AUPE about Bill 41 must be viewed as legitimization rhetoric that misrepresents the nature of the process.
For example, while the provincial treasurer talked about the various meetings with AUPE following the task force report and the preliminary drafting of Bill 41, by their own descriptions of the meetings, these were very much a matter of reporting government decisions already made and not any form of consultation or seeking of advice.
For instance, referring to a meeting with the premier and select cabinet members with senior members of AUPE, Leitch said "At that meeting the government made very clear its intention to introduce and pass legislation this spring implementing the recommendations of the government members of the task force.
The PSERA did not reflect any concessions by the Lougheed government to their employees or their union, the AUPE.
There was no real consultation by the government with AUPE on PSERA.
If the AUPE is successful in any of its Charter arguments, the Alberta Government will have the opportunity to defend its proposed and existing legislation under Charter section 1, which provides:
AUPE, head, Guy Smith, said : 'Yesterday at the Edmonton Remand Centre our members were taunted by the Deputy Solicitor General in the morning muster.