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AUPSAlliance for Universal Power Supplies (Santa Clara, CA)
AUPSAustralian Physiological Society
AUPSAberdeen University Paintball Society (Scotland, UK)
AUPSAutomated User Permit System (software program; US Army Corps of Engineers)
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Crafting a school- or districtwide AUP that is infused with digital citizenship concepts and developed with input from the entire community, students, teachers, parents, staff and administration can do more than simply provide a list of prohibited activities.
Investigators who are planning a new project prepare AUPs for review by the IACUC.
For instance, the first three of eight restrictions in Google Cloud Platform's AUP are:
The idea was to familiarize the AUPs with vehicle and weapons maintenance contractors who could help them maintain their equipment and, in turn, their combat effectiveness.
We stumbled into the main hostellery in Aups for lunch, to gate crash the annual truffle auction.
CoSN notes that Arizona's Dysart Unified School District has updated its AUP to protect students while allowing room for flexibility.
At minimum, AUPs should state: (1) the district's expectation that the computing facilities will be used exclusively for educational purposes; (2) the district's expectation that students will use educationally appropriate speech and expression when using the internet and other technological tools; (3) the users' responsibilities to avoid copyright violations; (4) the users' reasonable expectations (or lack of expectations) of privacy in any and all uses of district technology resources and; (5) the users' responsibility to avoid substantial and material disruption of the education process for the school community.
AUPS protects the computer (and any other valuable electronics plugged into it) from power fluctuations and surges.
At Aups market in south-east France the black truffle's price has more than doubled over the past five years, to about pounds 280 per pound.
AUPs attempt to control NWRC by providing guidelines on appropriate computer use, and outline how the organization will monitor, enforce, and punish non-work-related activities (Lee and Lee, 2002; Woon and Pee, 2004).
AUPs should be updated on a regular basis to include the latest in communication tools available, such as Web-based email, chat rooms, instant messaging, bulletin board postings and peer-to-peer file sharing.