AUPSCAfrican Union Peace and Security Council
AUPSCAuburn University Psychological Services Center (Auburn, AL)
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Before 2011, there was a separation between the joint chief mediator and the UNAMID head but the then JSR Ibrahim Gambari took the job in July 2011 after the resignation of the chief mediator Djibril Bassole who had been criticised by the AUPSC for neglecting the conclusions of a report by Thabo Mbeki about the need for a comprehensive process for the whole Sudan.
He told Sudan Tribune "Mbeki is delegated by the AUPSC to mediate the Two Areas talks and the [Sudanese] government didn't receive any notification from the AUPSC that IGAD would take over the mediation file".
As President of the Security Council, Ethiopia will co-chair this meeting together with the current chairperson of the AUPSC.
In its resolution seen by Sudan Tribune, the AUPSC praised Sudan's cooperation with the Joint Strategic Review Team and constructive approach to the review of UNAMID, welcoming the report of the joint working group on the Mission's exit strategy which acknowledged an improvement in the security and humanitarian situation in Darfur.
On Thursday the visiting AUPSC delegation acknowledged the improvement of the situation in Darfur region, however, it underscored that security challenges in Jebel Marra area prevent the return of displaced civilians to their homes.
In press statements following the meeting, the Ugandan envoy and head of the AUPSC delegation Molu Katandi said they came to assess the situation in Darfur, pointing the team will also visit Central Darfur's state capital, Zalingei.
Al-Nai'm said the Sudanese side briefed the AUPSC delegation on the recent security, political and humanitarian developments in Darfur, pointing to government efforts in the field of disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration.
Members of the AUPSC underlined the importance of deploying the RPF, pursuant to UNSC resolution 2304 (2016) of 12 August 2016, and in total coordination with the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU), with a view to reaching a consensus on all the details related to forming the RPF, as well as its deployment, mandate and areas of operation, within the framework of the ruling principles of peacekeeping, and enabling the RPF fulfill its mandate;
In an interview with Sudan Tribune on Thursday al-Mahdi said the Sudanese opposition forces have asked for a meeting with the head of the African Union High Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP) Thabo Mbeki to request that the AUPSC passes a new resolution on the peace process in Sudan
4- GoS refused to implement resolution 2046 which include 6-week timeframe and managed to stop AUPSC from referring it back to UNSC.
Moreover, the AUPSC communiques have also made it clear that for an inclusive national and constitutional dialogue to take place, the GoS is required to create a conducive environment for a genuine, inclusive and just dialogue.
In a statement extended to Sudan Tribune Friday, the SCoP said all major national parties have accepted the AUPSC resolutions however the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) seeks to divide the issues and the negotiations forums via the old colonial approach of "divide and rule".