AUQAAustralian Universities Quality Agency
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This paper suggests ways of improving the effectiveness of AUQA in raising the quality of university teaching.
Interestingly AUQA did not make a submission to the Senate inquiry and perhaps it is also odd that of the 364 submissions received by the Committee only a 'small number' dealt with the subject of quality (p.
AUQA was established in March 2000 essentially to conduct audits of Australian universities on a five-yearly cycle and to report on the relative standards and international standing of Australian higher education institutions.
The AUQA, and the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) in the UK, are responses to these concerns.
The AUQA can attempt to evaluate quality of teaching and research provided by academics and therefore seek to provide improved signals both to prospective student buyers of university enrolments and to employers.
Two new quality assurance initiatives in 2000 were the establishment of the AUQA and the implementation of national protocols for approval processes.