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AURAAssociation of Universities for Research in Astronomy
AURAAura Corporation (stock symbol)
AURAAssociation of Users of Research Agencies (UK)
AURAAdvanced User Resource Annotation
AURAAgence d'Urbanisme de la Région Angevine (French: Urban Agency of the Angevine Region; est. 1970)
AURAAustralian Rock Art Research Association, Inc.
AURAArmy Unit Resiliency Analysis
AURAAdaptable User Interfaces for Reusable Applications
AURAEntwicklungspolitischer Auftragsrahmen (German development-policy commission framework)
AURAAdvanced UHF Radar
AURAAutomated Usercode Request Application
AURAAustralian Ultra Runners Associaion
AURAAlliance for Unveiling and Researching Anomalies (Paranormal Awareness Society Network)
AURAAtari Union of Rabid Apostles (UK gaming)
AURAAutomated Underwriting Risk Analysis
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The results of the study provide valuable clinical information both for sufferers of migraine without aura, where there is no observable increase in risk, and for sufferers of migraine with aura, where the risk of stroke is lower than previously demonstrated.
The Aura Sleek 4G opens up a new world of superior design and efficient performance to keep you connected.
ARM Cordio products enable choice and flexibility and our partnership with Aura will ensure they are readily available to the broadest IoT developer audience, said Bob Morris, Vice President of Marketing, Wireless Business Unit, ARM.
It's widely assumed that auras give patients enough time to pull off the road before a seizure.
Aura and Aura Pro SSD drive upgrades are an easy and economical option to achieve greater performance and internal drive capacity compared to purchasing a new laptop.
We are pleased to announce that Aura Light has chosen to implement IFS Applications 8, IFS Scandinavia CEO Glenn Arnesen said.
The risk for infarct-like abnormalities increased by 44 percent for those with migraine with aura compared to those without aura.
3-fold more likely than were those on other drugs to have at least a 50% reduction in migraine with aura frequency.
The collaboration solution is supported by the newest version of Avaya Aura (6.
But the aura came with the likes of Warne, McGrath, Hayden and Gilchrist.
An aura can reveal which part of the brain is spawning a seizure, but multiple auras in a person have heretofore offered little guidance to doctors.
SAN FRANCISCO -- The suggestion that women who have migraine with aura are at increased risk for significant cerebral and coronary vessel disease gained strength from three presentations given during the 32nd International Stroke Conference.