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AuREAutomotive Requirements Engineering Workshop
AUREAssociation Usui Reiki Europa (French: Usui Reiki Association Europe; Belgium)
AUREAU (Adenylate Uridylate)-Rich Element (also seen as ARE)
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With these words, Cesaire locates Aure as the site for a feminist understanding and evolution.
ut a Simone Mago christianorum discerneret tonsuram, in cujus capite cesaries ab aure ad aurem tonsa anteriore parte, cum ante magi in fronte cirrum habebant = to distinguish the tonsure (haircut) of Christians from that of Simon Magus who had his hair cut in front from ear to ear, because earlier the magi had a tuft of hair in front.
By Joey Aguilar/Staff Reporter From the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila, overseas Filipino worker (OFW) Ronald Aure normally spends a minimum of five hours on the road just to reach his home in Batn province, Philippines.
Manila Twelve people were killed while two others were reported missing in flash floods and landslides as tropical storm Aure, locally known as Bebeng, moved north from southern Luzon, disaster officials said yesterday.
Columba autem super eius humeros stans de auribus eius cibum sibi sumebat sicque iam adeo assuefacta erat quod quandocumque Magumethum uidebat, protinus super eius humeros prosiliens rostrum in eius aure ponebat.
He carries himself "upright with his face and eyes wandering about" (erectum genasque oculisque vagantem, 764); he listens greedily to Ulysses' words, "drinking them in with vigilant ear" (intentum vigilique haec aure trahentem, 794-795), his eyes are glued to Ulysses as he leaves the hall (haeret / respiciens Ithacum coetuque novissimus exit, 804-805).
Aure OF, Nilsen JH, Vasseljen O (2003): Manual therapy and exercise therapy in patients with chronic low back pain.
101: "quae nam igitur est illa potentia interior quae ab aure perceptas illas voces ad sensum communem delatas ut voces tantum nudas, potuit intrudere in memoriam?
Additionally, AURe is equally owned by the two governments: Syria and Libya, where the company receives 10% legal cessions from these markets.
Jeffrey Dano bagged the championship in the Class A division after beating Ronald Baluyot Aure.
Flights and sailings have been distrupted as typhoon Aure battered the Philippines yesterday.