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AURIAgricultural Utilization Research Institute
AURIAcute Upper Respiratory Infection
AURIApplied Urban Research Institute (Kansas City, MO)
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The video can be viewed on the Auri YouTube channel (http://www.
With prices starting from around the PS15,000 mark, the Auris isn't going to send the Neary family bank balance to the wall, and it stacks up reasonably against its competitors.
It's usually the case that choosing something a bit different from the main contenders results in a pretty serious monetary disadvantage when all the sums are calculated at resale time, but that's not the case with this improved second generation Auris.
The 115-key Auris Burj Al Noor Khartoum Sudan will be the group's first property outside of the Middle East.
That goes for the Auris Hybrid too, thanks to clever repositioning of the battery unit under the rear bench.
The Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybrid is the most popular in the Auris range, already Britain's best-selling hybrid model
Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE: TM) (LSE: TYT) (TYO: 7203), a Japan-based automaker, has launched its new Auris hatchback in Ireland.
Wherever the guest may choose to stay, Auris Hotels offer the same extraordinary level of attention to service and quality.
The Auris HSD offers almost exactly the same technology as the Prius but in a standard Auris family hatch bodywork - with some aerodynamic enhancements.
The re-styled grille and taillights, neatly updated interior and minor mechanical changes bring the Auris into line with the current Toyota look while suspension and steering changes focus on making the Auris nicer and more involving to drive.
A SPORTY version of Toyota's Auris hatchback is being launched in January.
Toyota is to build European variants of its new Auris medium-sized car at its plant at Burnaston near Derby.