AUROCArea Under the Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve (statistical analysis)
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Berge and Jorda (2011) show that by calculating the AUROC we arrive at an estimate of the ability of the index to delineate recessions from expansions.
One study using a model that included 4 readily available characteristics to predict the presence of cirrhosis in HCV patients (platelet count, presence of spider nevi, aspartate transaminase (AST), and gender) resulted in an AUROC of 0.
In general, there is generally better performance with later APACHE releases with c-statistics and AUROCs approaching 0.
OST sekiz Asya ulkesinden 860 kadindan olusan bir populasyonda femur boynu osteoporotik olan kadinlari saptamak amaciyla gelistirilmis bir indeks olup duyarliligi %91, ozgullugu %45 ve AUROC degeri 0,79 olarak bildirilmistir (15).
The analysis showed an 85 percent AUROC for the Northwestern method.
Third, the results show the superiority of the AUROC evaluation criterion (Step 7) over the PCC criterion (compare their Table 5 and Table 6 results relative to the "majority" benchmark).
Conversely, in a recent study, the APACHE II score defined on the day of diagnosis of VAP (VAP APACHE II) was predictive of patient mortality with an AUROC of 0.
It should be clear that a comparison of classifiers based on this whole-curve, single-figure AUROC measure is only appropriate for cases in which specific operating conditions are unknown or vague and more general comparison over a range of operating conditions is appropriate.
TABLE 3 Area under the receiver operating characteristic curve of C-reactive protein, eosinophil, neutrophil and total white cell count as a marker of bacteraemia by univariable analysis for adult (>18 years old) and paediatric patients (0 to 18 years old) Variable AUROC curve P value (95% CI) Adult patients White cell count 0.
AUROC values inside the range of other studies have been reported, but the usefulness of FT compared with biopsy was not established (17).
However, like many similar texts, it jumps quickly to examination of the area under the ROC curve (AUROC) without pausing to ask whether the AUROC is the right, or the best, measure.