AUSEAlberta Union of School Employees (Alberta, Canada)
AUSEAs You Said Earlier
AUSEAsociacion de Usuarios de Sincrotron de España (Spanish: Synchrotron Users Association of Spain)
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Eileen Grindrod, by email AUSE a texture surface remover.
Chris Fielding, by email AUSE Lithofin KF Ceramic-Clean or Lithofin KF Tile Restorer.
Calamitous duo Jim and Jo AUSE a two-part filler or a cataloy to fill the dents plus fill over where the top layer was removed.
AUSE a proper tick remover, a metallic fork like instrument.
Jim Hopkirk AUSE a grinder with a flap disc attached and buff down the paint.
AUSE a bronzer no more than two tones darker than your natural skin tone - anything more will look unnatural.
John Byrne, by email AUSE a metal paint or apply a red oxide primer and a top coat of your choice.
AUSE soft, muted shades of duck egg blue, sage green and dove grey.
AUSE the remedy Comp 3 from a herbalist called Abbotts of Leigh, 56 Railway Road, Leigh, Lancashire.
Barbara Deeprose, by email AUSE a plastic scratch repair and polish kit or a similar product, which you can get from Halfords.
Colin Davies by email AUSE a product called De-Solv-It Sticky Stuff Remover.
BECAUSE AUSE A the show has to go on, Hudderseld actor Colin Harris has stepped in at the last moment to play a supporting role in the Halifax Light Opera's new production of Billy.