AUSFTAAustralia-United States Free Trade Agreement
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The provisions proposed for the TPPA in relation to IP protection and its policing are far more extreme than those accepted by Australia in the AUSFTA in 2005.
Like the AUSFTA for example, the P-4 Agreement contains
The AUSFTA created a range of ongoing working groups and committees to explore further trade reform in the bilateral context.
AUSFTA prompted the biggest critical public debate ever held in Australia about a trade agreement.
The Australian experience reveals the significant difficulties that can arise from agreements such as AUSFTA that seek to "graft" U.
With many of the US-based companies finding a foothold in concessions around the country in metropolitan and regional centres, it may well be that in excluding water from GATS but not from the AUSFTA we have simply swapped one lot of water lords for another.
But while AUSFTA certainly represents an opportunity for U.
The likely reason for the absence of investor-state dispute settlement provisions in AUSFTA is a desire to avoid the experiences of the United States and Canada under NAFTA Chapter 11.
A similar technique was used for calculating the increase in embodied energy demanded by exports to the US under the AUSFTA, which Cebon believes would have led to an annual increase of 2 million tones of C[O.
The AUSFTA also creates a range of ongoing working groups and committees designed to explore further trade reform in the bilateral context.
In addition to the above sectors under GATS, the proposed AUSFTA also includes significant changes to agricultural policy and marketing as well as threats to intellectual property--in particular to indigenous knowledge systems.
CIE point out that the United States would overwhelmingly dominate AUSFTA if it were fully implemented today.