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El diseno de la renovada Coleccion Austral Clasica ha sido finalista en la categoria "Coleccion de Portadas" de los Premios Laus de Diseno Grafico y Comunicacion Audiovisual de 2011.
Answers will vary but should include: The austral summer occurs in January when the South Pole is tilted toward the sun.
With the Air Austral configuration, fuel consumption levels below two litres per passenger per 100 kilometres can be expected.
Grard Ethave, president of Air Austral, said that he is convinced of the traffic demands on the route to Paris, especially with their low-cost model.
John Leahy, Airbus's chief operating officer, said 20 of the giant planes were currently in service with four airlines, but none of them carry as many as the Air Austral aircraft.
The 9mm Mamba pistol had its beginning in what was then Rhodesia, around 1977 and was made there briefly by the Viper Manufacturing Company, a division of Sandock Austral.
En este trabajo examinaremos las caracteristicas de dos de estas colecciones: la Coleccion Austral, de EspasaCalpe Argentina, y la Biblioteca Contemporanea, de Losada--mas tarde llamada Biblioteca Clasica y Contemporanea--, e intentaremos desentranar la similitudes y divergencias entre los titulos que las conforman, tomando como fuentes sus respectivos catalogos hasta 1945.
Commenting on the agreement to drill the wells, Austral CEO and President Thom Jewell said, "We are pleased to have reached resolution on this issue and to have the joint venture aligned on the upcoming drilling program.
Yasna Roldan Valderrama, Universidad Austral de Chile
Austral Pilots End Strike Over Radar Pilots at Argentina's largest domestic airline, Austral, ended a short strike late on Thursday over a faulty radar system after the government guaranteed the safety of air traffic control.
For instance, IAE Austral in Buenos Aires, which recently moved to a new campus in Pilaf, Argentina, is serving multinationals like The Walt Disney Company.