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AUTHAristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)
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BestMassage currently carries the Auth Method: A Guide to Using Forearms DVD which focuses on the fundamentals of forearm massage and the Forearm Massage: A Guide to Side Lying Position DVD which teaches the benefits of using forearm massage while a client is lying on her side.
NCR appears to be admiring Auth by printing his cartoons in your publication.
9) New York St Dormitory Auth (New York St Pers Income Tax) Series 2012D 5.
5) New York St Thruway Auth (New York St Thruway Auth Ded Tax) Series 2011A 5.
10) New York St Dormitory Auth (State Univ Of New York) Series 2011A 5.
Supply 1,763 foreign journals (print and electronic) for the year 2013 for the needs of libraries, AUTH (Tender 326/2013)
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Concerned AUTH investors are encouraged to contact attorney Hamilton Lindley at 877-583-2855 or hlindley@goldfarbllp.
AUTH stockholders - or anyone with knowledge about this acquisition - should contact lawyer Hamilton Lindley at hlindley@goldfarbllp.
13% 4) New York St Dorm Auth (FHA Insured Maimonides) MBIA Series 04 5.
Auth, chief investment officer of the firm's global equity investment management division.