AUTLAuthorization List
AUTLArmy Universal Task List
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The AUTL does not include tasks performed by the Army as part of a joint or multinational force.
For the purposes of TPS, the most applicable AUTL task is Army tactical task (ART) 1.
AICAT provides you with the capability of taking your training calendar to another level where, with a single query, you have the ability to pull AUTL tasks and the supporting collective tasks and individual tasks.
METL Development: AICAT provides reports that link AUTLs to collective tasks and the supporting individual tasks.
As you can see, we have retained the current Intelligence Tasks identified in FM 3-0 within the AUTL tasks.
AUTLs and/or UJTLs) that are performed during each phase of battle (Objective Force: Unit of Employment Concept, 7 August, 2002): Entry, Shape, Decisive, and Transition (e.