AUTMAssociation of University Technology Managers
AUTMAuthorised Unusable Time (Loran-C System)
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ACE is an omnibus higher education advocacy group, and AUTM is the professional organization for individuals involved in academic technology transfer.
SOCAR announced that AUTM managers decided to halt educational activities of the Araz preparation courses and other affiliated educational institutions that are under the umbrella of the AUTM, during a meeting held on Thursday.
To register for the AUTM 2013 Eastern Region Meeting visit: http://www.
Sources: Author's calculations from AUTM and Times Higher Education World University Ranking.
It then argues that the AUTM's claims have little basis in reality and raise a red flag: either the AUTM misunderstands the purpose of Bayh-Dole, or it has adopted a misguided interest in securing rent-seeking licenses based on the fruits of academic researchers.
En la grafica 5 se aprecia que el sendero de comportamiento para la variable dependiente AUTM deriva de una innovacion en una desviacion estandar en la variable explicatoria (AEUA).
36) Although the NIH's guidance was initially criticized by members of the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM), (37) AUTM and many universities later endorsed a more general principle that universities "should strive to grant just those rights necessary to encourage development of the technology.
For example, assuming revenues and equity would be a first order approximation to those reported by AUTM, (65) a single distributive remedy, namely a compulsory government royalty on inventions successfully commercialized using substantial public funds, (66) has the potential to put $4B and $100M back into the coffers of public health agencies in the United States and Canada, (67) respectively.
The annual AUTM meetings are the largest gatherings of tech transfer managers from the world over.
56) Usha Balackrishnan, Lisa Troyer, Edwin Brands, "Surveying the Need for Technology Management for Global Health Training Programmes" (2006) 18 AUTM Journal 53.
AUTM members managed 12,672 income-generating licenses and signed 4,963 new licenses; 697 new products related to current licenses were commercialized.