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AUTODINAutomatic Digital Network
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Even communicating between the new DMS and the old AUTODIN - or between the DMS and any other network, such as those of the US's foreign allies - is a problem, in that the Fortezza encryption scheme is compatible with few - if any - other encryption schemes, particularly in the commercial world.
Exporting the field makes it acceptable to AUTODIN, the communications link between base communication centers.
Although the SFF file is AUTODIN compatible, we must perform the following steps before the base communications center can transmit it over AUTODIN:
Following the successful completion of the Kanto Plain Consolidation Plan (1970 to 1976), which relocated major headquarters, family housing and support facilities to Yokoya AB, Camp Zama and Yokosuka, the Autodin switch became the only major facility remaining at North Camp Drake.
US obligations include activation of a new digital Autovon/Tandem dual-function switch at Yokota and functional relocation of the Autodin switch from North Camp Drake to Yokota.
Through the use of the AUTODIN system, a simplified, transaction-oriented, machine-to-machine interface between DIDS and the logistics community was established.