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AUTOEXECAutomatic Execution (MS-DOS startup batch file)
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They do not have unproductive, downtime waiting for a highly paid "expert" to load software, select print drivers, or alter the autoexec.
For when the car is the office, AutoExec helps the mobile professional create a safe and organized work environment.
You can have only one autoexec macro, so it needs to contain all the steps you want completed when you open the file.
Both Justin Hyde of "The Detroit Free Press" and Mary Anne Shreve from AutoExec were honored by WAPA as well.
The program lets you manage all of your computer's startup information, including autoexec.
The complete report appears in the May issue of NADA's AutoExec magazine.
Chances are, you know the chilling feeling that comes from getting an "out of memory" message, combined with the realization that, yes, you're going to have to fiddle with your AUTOEXEC.
SYS, the system will look for a file called AUTOEXEC.
The manual should show what's loaded on the machine and its configuration: the AUTOEXEC.
AutoExec will utilize Voxware's VoxBrowser(TM) client software, an open-standard, browser-based, VoiceXML solution, to extend the benefits of voice throughout the warehouse.
Print all system information, using such software as PCTools or Norton Utilities, every time you make a major change to the system, such as adding cards or changing AUTOEXEC.