AUUActa Universitatis Upsaliensis (Latin; Uppsala University publication series)
AUUAurukun Mission, Queensland (airport; Australia)
AUUAdelaide University Union
AUUAgricultural University Udaipur (India)
AUUAssociation of Urban Universities (est. 1914)
AUUArchitecture and Urbanism Unit (London, UK)
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The license area was selected following AUU's integrated exploration program (see AUU News Release #2006-02, 6 Feb.
AUU is committed to become a global leader among exploration juniors on community initiatives.
As an outgrowth of this principal AUU has maintained a field office and accommodations since the initiation of field activities in El Salvador in the Pueblo of Potonico, located in the southern part of the Cerro Petancol License.
AUU options been allocated to lead market maker Scott Elisha of Wolverine Trading.