AUWEAdmiralty Underwater Weapons Establishment (British)
AUWEAusgrabungen in Uruk-Warka: Endberichte (German: Excavations at Uruk-Warka: Final Reports; archaeology; Uruk, Iraq)
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The majority of the small finds and pottery found in the course of unearthing the architectural remains are not treated here and the reader will have to consult other AUWE volumes if further details about the inscribed clay tablets, cylinder seals and impressions, pottery, beads, terracottas or other small finds are needed.
The following ten chapters of the book, like the volumes of the AUWE series, discuss different categories of finds, such as inscriptions, seals and seal impressions (some of which are discussed in greater detail in D.
Pedde, Uruk Kleinfunde, II: Metall und Asphalt, Farbreste, Fritte/Fayence, Glas, Holz, Knochen/Elfenbein, Leder, Muschel/Perlmutt/Schnecke, Shilf, Textile, AUWE, vol.