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The fully stabilised (electric drives) turret is in use in Malaysia on some 60 tracked ACV-300s and has been installed on one of the prototypes of the AV8 8x8 IFV developed from the FNSS Pars 8x8 for the Malaysian Army.
Launches at the show also included AV8 Media's lightweight and affordable Genus Hurricane Camera 3D rig for Stereoscopic 3D production; and Polecam which premiered two major additions to their product range with the Polecam Starter Pack rig and the GoalCam / StadiumCam compact sports OB support system.
Our V93000, small test-head system with Port Scale RF and MB AV8 can provide both the technology for performance and high quality but also the flexibility and throughput to cover a wide range of applications.
PTC will use the V93000 Pin Scale system with MB AV8 (multi-band audio/video card with 8 channels) for testing its full range of advanced mixed-signal SOCs for a variety of consumer electronics applications.
MB AV8 card (provides 4 arbitrary wave generator (AWG) cores and 4 digitizer cores);
The attack was carried out by A10, AV8 and F16 jets.
MB AV8 card - Multi-Band Audio-Video "a generation ahead in analog" - for economic flexibility through scalable number of cores and performance ranges.
Once comparative data demonstrates the efficiency of the new DMS plant in a real life scenario, it will be used to process material from AV2 through AV8.
SV-AV10 / 4-IN-1 A / V SD Recorder and Player -- MP3, digital camera and more Winner: High-End Audio VMPS Audio Products / Ribbon RM-40 / great sounding speakers with ribbon-cable tweeter Finalists -- Arcam / AV8 / a pre-amp surround processor -- ERAUDIO Ltd.
1-2, 20743C -- SONICblue / Rio Riot / a 20 gigabyte portable MP3 player / LVCC Cen 1-2, 2927 Finalists: High-End Audio -- Arcam / AV8 / a pre-amp surround processor / AP 2363 and AP2364 -- ERAUDIO Ltd.
1 kg and AV8 returned a total of 41 diamonds from 31.
The remaining holes focused in the vicinity of the AV2 through AV6 and AV8 occurrences.